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Last week I had the chance to speak to 6-8th graders at Prince of Peace in Hoover about how I use math in my job. One of my great friends is the math teacher, and has had several speakers over the course of the semester. She was particularly interested in showing the kids that even creative careers involve math on a daily basis.

So, inspired by Dick Hardt’s Identity 2.0 presentation I put together this little group of slides. If you haven’t seen the video of that presentation it is very much worth a watch. At any rate, the final product has little in common with Mr. Hardt’s presentation, but it was fun to throw together at midnight the night before and the kids got a kick out of it.

(Does anybody actually use picas? I threw it in for the sake of the math problem, but have never really needed to use a pica for anything.)

(And also, I blatantly ripped images from the web for this little teaching moment. Only a few images are actually my own, and if you see one of yours comment and I’ll credit you here.)

See the Math in Graphic Design PDF here.