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October 2008

How To Create a NextGen Gallery Tag Cloud

How To Create a NextGen Gallery Tag Cloud 150 150 admin

Disclaimer: I am not a programmer. I know just enough about coding to get things to work, but not enough to make it pretty or even usually be able to explain it to someone else. However, I thought this might be helpful.

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Reboot. 150 150 admin

I am my own worst client. I’m an indecisive, know-it-all procrastinator. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the choices when you have no one to please but yourself. So designing, or in this case redesigning, a website is an arduous process. read more


Pencils. 150 150 admin

When I was a kid, I had a theory that you could make more money by selling pencils for $.75 apiece than for $1.00, because more people would be attracted to the lower price and you’d sell more pencils.

Looks like I was right.
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