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November 2008

Bug Fix – WP Theme Reverting to Kubrick

Bug Fix – WP Theme Reverting to Kubrick 150 150 admin

I noticed today for the second time since the relaunch that my site was loading under the default WordPress theme, and nothing worked. My first thought was that it’s a bug; my second was that someone was hacking it just to annoy me.

But then a little Google informed me that this guy had the same problem I did, and figured it out over a year ago. If you have this problem, here’s the solution.

Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done 150 150 admin

It has been a hell of a week. I’m working on one of those complicated projects that takes as much time to wrap your head around as it does to actually design the pieces. It will be exciting when it’s finished though.

Just now, on the radio, I heard a guy talking about Charles M. Schwab. Not the investment guy; the first president of U.S. Steel in the early 1900s. He  Apparently he was a superb businessman with a wild streak and a willingness to take risks.

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