What’s a Full Service Logo Package?

What’s a Full Service Logo Package?

What’s a Full Service Logo Package? 3670 2462 admin

I need a logo. Now what?

Having a logo designed is a lot like buying a car…you can spend $500 or $50,000, the person selling it knows more than you do, and whatever you decide you’ll be stuck with for awhile.

The main thing to remember is to nail down all the details before you sign on the dotted line.

What a logo design package looks like for Awful Cool

So for comparison sake, here’s what my “Full-service Logo Design” package looks like. This is the Porsche of design packages from this freelance designer—your cost will be significantly different if you’re working with an agency with more overhead, or if your project is especially high-profile.

Cost: $1,200–$1,800

Deliverables: a .zip package containing every version of your design; file-types appropriate for print and web use; color versions including full-color and one-color (black and white).

Service-after-the-sale: A full-service package includes storage of your files in perpetuity. That means that if your computer crashes, I can resend your files to you at a moment’s notice. I will also interface with your vendors—if you’re having a sign printed and need a unique format or size, I will provide it within 24 hours, and you are welcome to have vendors contact me directly for anything they need.

What that means for you

  • We’ll schedule about a 10 minute phone call where I can pick your brain about what sort of look/style/feel you’re going for.
  • 10 days after the call, I’ll deliver a set of initial concepts – there are usually around 6 designs, and they’re usually pretty varied (unless you have a really concrete idea of what you want, in which case they’ll be similar).
  • Once you’ve had a chance to look over what I’ve sent, you’ll provide feedback. This can be a phone call or email. ALL feedback is useful – “I hate this” is as or more helpful than “I love this, but…” – so think brutal honesty, not polite diplomacy. This is your logo YOU have to live with and you’re paying for, and I have no emotional attachment to it. So honesty is the best policy.
  • From there, I provide more proofs and you provide more feedback. Like a quarter in the coin donation funnel at the mall, we get closer each round.
  • Once you’re happy, I’ll deliver your final files. This means an email with a .zip attachment including every version of your logo you might need in several versions: full color, limited color, and black and white, high resolution for print, and low resolution for web/email footers.
  • Speaking of email footers, that’s included as well. Based on your email program, I’ll send you code and instructions for how to use it.

What does this mean for you? Practically nothing, unless you’ve hired me for a logo design. But it gives you a frame of reference. And hopefully some good questions to start with, no matter who is designing your logo!